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June 14, 2010

Some material from my upcoming book

Filed under: Go — Peter de Blanc @ 9:15 pm

I’m writing a book about Go strategy. I’ll be comparing moves by professionals to moves by amateurs in the 1-3k range. My hope is that amateur players may improve by trying to imitate the professionals.

Two-Stone Corner Patterns
Three-Stone Corner Patterns
Four-Stone Corner Patterns


  1. I find that this would probably be more useful if there was some discussion and analysis about *why* the professionals prefer to make the moves they do. As it is, I fear that I’ll just end up copying surface regularities without getting an understanding of the deeper rules motivating those moves.

    Comment by Kaj Sotala — June 15, 2010 @ 2:07 pm

  2. As I read through 2 and 3-stones, I (a very weak player) thought to myself, ‘yes, many of these professional moves do look like better moves than the one I or the kyus would make; but they often look like they are much riskier than ours – that is, I would then need to play very very well to avoid simply losing a bunch of stones’.

    I wonder if mimicking professional openings is ‘talking the talk, but not walking the walk’.

    Comment by gwern — June 16, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

  3. Umm OK, let’s talk about some of the moves.

    Two-stone patterns:

    0.2 The idea of a double kakari is as a “punishment” for tenuki. Options d and c simply do not apply any force on the corner. Quite frankly d is a crap move; white would most likely kosumi-tsuke the black and then play b.

    0.4 Actually, b, c, and d are all perfectly fine joseki’s. There is way too little one the board to justify one over any other.

    0.6 The move made by “professionals” is called a tsume. If white does not respond then black can uchikomi. It has nothing to do with 2 or 3 space extensions. Even a nikken-tobi that acts as a tsume is a super oba.

    0.8 The rationale behind the original high kakari may be to build one’s own (or limit opponent’s) moyo, in which case double high kakari makes more sense than one high one low.

    0.10 The ikken-tobi puts more force on white. The same thing applies when white uses, say, the “usual” low approach. With an oogeima san-san becomes a big move. White can enter san-san. The “unusual” kakari is well-placed such that black’s moyo after white enters san-san is useless.

    Three-stone patterns:

    0.1 Diagonal play is a perfectly good move. However it leaves white the choice of which side to answer.

    0.2 A low pincer is insufficient here because the bottom stone is at a low position. If bottom black is one line higher on the hoshi then a low hasami is a fine choice: white enters san-san and after the standard joseki black has a fine moyo. The ikken-tobi by “professionals” is a good choice here because bottom black stone acts as a kiraki, so unlike the standard joseki black gets sente (white has to answer on upper side).

    0.4 The pincer is in fact almost a demand to enter san-san.

    0.5 Why? Because if black plays low, then white can kosumitsuke, black has to nobi, white ikken-tobi from the corner, and black can only do a nikken-tobi at the top. Usually when you have two stones one on another you’d want a three-space hiraki, but here black only gets a two-space because of the white stone on hoshi. Unless other big oba’s are taken, it is considered that black has a disadvantage. Same applies for 0.6

    0.7 The stone on the left is at a perfect position to attack black stone if black follows the joseki of playing at san-san; hence black does the ikken-tobi. After that boshi on the left and right are miai.

    0.9 The hane is standard joseki thank you very much. Few if any professionals do the bump (white becomes overwhelmingly thick and blocks black stones from moving down on the right, which is supposedly the original intent of the contact play).

    0.11 I think white is doing chuugokuryuu here, in which case there is no way on the face of the earth that black should do a low approach (or high approach, or any approach) on the komoku. Black should approach from the right side even if there is no black stone on the hoshi.

    0.12 The nobi is a crap move. White obviously does a sagari. The corner is big, and black has no good next move. If black does a hiraki on the right then white does a hane so that black’s shape becomes crap; if black does a nobi then so does white.

    0.14 Umm of course. The keima does absolutely nothing: white enters san-san and voila, safe ‘n sound. Besides, the corner is bigger, so obviously attack from the corner.

    0.19 Oogeima does little in defending the corner. Obviously go san-san. Slide is applicable (for the most part) if white’s move is a small keima or an ikken-tobi.

    0.20 What the heck does the one space jump do? Ya, exactly, nothing.


    0.1 No brainer; obviously cut the connection of the two white stones.

    0.2 Again, this hasami almost demands entering san-san.

    0.4 Both moves are fine thank you very much.

    0.6 This is a standard joseki. Kyus need to memorize it.

    0.7 Again, standard joseki.

    0.8 Correct.

    0.9 Standard joseki.

    0.10 Cut the connection. Always.

    0.11 Standard joseki.

    0.12 Standard joseki.

    Comment by huh? — July 27, 2010 @ 4:15 am

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